Sport Psychology Coaching with Dr. Jared Wood

Dr. Jared Wood is a sport psychology coach, author, speaker, and mentor. He works with individual athletes, teams, and organization to help clients uncover their inner strength and wisdom, which then leads to a happier, healthier, more productive experience of life.

Clients come to Dr. Wood seeking a variety of services. The most common include:

  • Mental game performance consulting
  •  Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders
  • Support and therapy for athletes recovering from injury
  • Team and organizational consulting
  • Public speaking

If you would like to begin working with Dr. Jared Wood, you can call him at 248-535-5358 or email


Dr. Wood has been an educator for the past 21 years (16 as a psychologist). He has a Master’s degree in School and Community Psychology (which led to certification as a School Psychologist and Licensure as a Limited License Psychologist, both in Michigan) and a doctorate in Sport Psychology.

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